The Free Spirit Film Festival screens films from all over the world in all genres, manifesting the real sense of “free spirit”. The Festival particularly promotes independent filmmakers.

So far the Festival has been giving awards in 13 categories. The awards are chosen by a jury, except for the Audience Award, which is voted on by the film-goers.

The award is a certificate given on the final day of the Festival.

Film awards for 2020

Film awards for 2019

Film awards for 2018

Film awards for 2017

Film awards for 2016

Film awards for 2015

Film awards for 2014

Film awards for 2013

Event for 2013

Event for 2011 was cancelled to honour Tibetan immolators

Event for 2010

Event for 2009

Event for 2008

Event for 2007

Event for 2006

Film awards for 2004

Event for 2001


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