Editorial: Tibetan Film Festival 2007

Film and global warming!

MCLEOD GANJ, India, 8 April 2007 — Film and global warming? Exactly — global warming is real and it is explained vividly in the documentary film "An inconvenient truth" presented by Al Gore. It is therefore imperative that we all must educate ourselves about this warning and contribute to stop this disaster or at least leave things as they are! The film won an Oscar in 2007 in the best documentary film category.

A story about how much global warming is depleting Himalayan glaciers and its impacts in neighbouring areas is reprinted for us to understand the enormity of the crisis and to realise how close we are to this impending disaster.

The futility of the war and how much it disrupts lives of ordinary people is shown in "The road to Guantanamo", and the Chinese film "Walking on the wild side" should be another interesting pick.

The growing number of Tibetan films is refreshing. The year 2006 has perhaps had the maximum number of Tibetan films produced in one year. The road to A or A+ Tibetan films is, obviously, far off, but a beginning to achieve that goal has been made.

Chokling Rinpoche's much awaited film Milarepa, the 11th century Tibetan yogi, whose life on celluloid has been long overdue, is leaked before getting into the hands of the distributors! Rinpoche and his producers don't know how this happened. The small Tibetan market is already being filled with pirated copies. It is believed to be the work of some Tibetans. Compassion ceases and selfishness reigns when it comes to money. An act of Buddhism?

The festival became possible due to support and cooperation from all the Directors. Wines by Design Australia, and Asia Health Resorts, Dharamshala, once again are the co-sponsors of the festival. Sir Edward O'Neil, from Hong Kong needs a special mention for his support. Linda Ollaik from Australia designed the magazine, and all the volunteers enthusiastically lent their hands and time to make the festival beautiful and successful.

Kyipo tang!

Lobsang Wangyal

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