Editorial: Tibetan Film Festival 2006

The power, magic and joy of film

MCLEOD GANJ, India, 27 April 2006 — I am happy to welcome you to the second Tibetan Film Festival in Mcleod Ganj, which is also known as "where the Eighth Wonder is!"

Film has magic, as well as power and joy, of course. There is no denying it. Tibetans are now increasingly catching up with this medium. There are eight films in this year's fest that are made by Tibetans, and another one has Tibetan involvement (Milk & Opium).

There are 16 films of all genres — features, short films and documentaries — lined up for the fest. Apart from screening films made by Tibetans, there are some critically acclaimed international films, sharing beautiful stories, common concerns, interests and creativity.

I am glad that we are showing Deepa Mehta's Water — a film that raises the issue of the injustice that Indian women suffer. This film has come under extreme scrutiny from the government, as well as fundamentalist groups.

The House of Flying Daggers is another magical film, made by one of China's best known directors, Zhang Yimou. The cinematography and special effects are just — Wow!

This film festival is independent with no affiliation to any government or other organisation. Neither is it registered, and nor does it seek fame or recognition. It should be known that the films are screened purely for creating awareness, sharing concerns about what matters in our lives and the art of filmmaking itself.

Wines by Design and Asia Health Resorts are the co-sponsors of the fest. My special thanks to them. Without all the efforts from assistants and volunteers, the fest would not have come to fruition. I specially have to mention Passang Tsering (passdesigns), for taking time to finish the fest magazine on time, and Nyimon Computers (near the post office), for giving us special space and time.

There would not have been the Tibetan Film Festival 2006 without the support and cooperation from the directors of the films screened in the fest, although some directors don't even know that their films are being screened! I sincerely thank them all.

I hope you enjoy the fest.

Lobsang Wangyal

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