Ottawa Tibet Film Festival from 8 to 9 March

By Wangdu Duntak

This March the National Capital Region will welcome the inauguration of the Ottawa Tibet Film Festival (OTFF). The much enthused launch of the OTFF will feature movies and documentaries highlighting Tibetan peoples, their way of life, culture, music, and land. OTFF is founded with the aim of providing Tibetan filmmakers and artists a podium to showcase their creativity and talent to the Ottawa region.

This year, the following five films are featured: First, director and former political prisoner Ngawang Choephel's Tibet in Song tells the compelling story of cultural repression and resistance through the film's celebration of Tibetan folk music. Secondly, Tibet's Pema Tseden in Old Dog unfolds the complexity of the changing dynamics of Tibetan culture and reveals the challenges facing Tibetans, through his poetical depiction of a family and their loyal Tibetan mastiff. Third, critically-acclaimed My Reincarnation follows the lives of Tibetan Buddhist Master, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, and his son Yeshi whom is recognized at birth as the reincarnation of a famous spiritual master. Next, the festival showcases When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun that studies the struggle for Tibetan freedom from an internal lens, and features notable individuals such as the Dalai Lama. Lastly, the festival ends with Tibet: terre des braves (Tibet: Land of the Brave), by director Geneviéve Brault. This film chronicles the changing of Tibet's nomadic lifestyle into a market economy.

Who/ When/Where

The OTFF, a non-profit association is founded with the aim of providing a platform for Tibetan filmmakers and artists to showcase their creativity and ambitions to the Ottawa region. Taking place on Friday March 8th to Saturday March 9th 2013, this year's festival will be held at the St. Paul University Amphitheatre, located at 233 Main Street in Ottawa.

Significance of Tibet Film Festival

Tibet's history is rooted so rich in culture and tradition that its legacy still lives as one of the greatest empires of ancient history. The Ottawa Tibet Film Festival wishes to raise awareness of Tibet. Furthermore, the festival aims to create a welcoming environment for Tibetan filmmakers and story tellers alike to voice concerns, showcase their creative abilities, and engage the National Capital Region to the importance of Tibetan culture, art, and music. Ultimately, illuminating the remarkable vitality and courage of the Tibetan people.

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