We Homes Chaps

"Imagine an island within an island within an island in the mists of Northern India... eloquently filmed... great subtlety... "

By Matthew Finch

NEW YORK City, 16 November 2003 (WBAI radio) — "We Homes Chaps is a documentary that reveals the subjective terrain between home as a physical place and home as a psychic space. "In all of the beauty of the Himalayan countryside which houses Dr. Graham's Scottish Presbyterian Homes to which these children were sent, throughout the laughter, songs and games that portray the camaraderie of reunion, throughout the joyous events that contrast with the regimented practices of daily life for the children, what emerges is a gut-wrenching seriousness from which the only solace is the unstinting concern for each individual. Kesang Tseten is extremely respectful of each person's story of loss and how they have 'made the best of it' through the years.

"We walk away with the sense that attachment is the guiding light of our psychological journey. Kesang Tseten has given us a documentary that touches our hearts." — Jack Wiener, psychoanalyst, New York City.

"Kesang-La's documentary is a real work of art in the genre. Nicely conceived, very well realized, and even better edited. It stands comparison to the best documentaries I have ever seen. After having watched his Mukundo and now Homes, I have no doubt Kesang-La has filmmaking in the blood. His sensitivity and skills are striking..." — Ramon N. Prats, Tibetologist, Barcelona.

From a fellow filmmaker

international workshop on documentary film making organised by Surabhi Force and National Geographic Channel in Mumbai...

...After having watched your documentary, I remember wiping my eyes in the darkness of the auditorium (lest someone caught me misty eyed), and, when my next-seat participant whispered to me in a cracked voice, "How was it?" (like we always did to indulge into a feedback mechanism), after a long pause all I could say to her was, "It was like... a voyage of self-discovery... reassuring... perhaps the closest I could get to my own dreams... of capturing life in its purest form... the way it is... to make people laugh and cry at the same time, and leave them with fulfilling moments of brackish sweetness to linger forever in their memories..."

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