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Free Spirit Film Festival 2015.

Eleventh Free Spirit Film Festival

MCLEOD GANJ, India, 28 October 2015

The 11th edition of the Free Spirit Film Festival will commence from Thursday for three days in McLeod Ganj.

A total of 15 independent films from around the world in all genres will be screened.

We were overwhelmed with film submissions this year. It was difficult to make the choices, understanding the hard works of all the filmmakers, who of course would like their films screened everywhere. It was difficult not to include all the films in the Festival.

Since we don’t choose a specific theme for the Festival, we look at each film for its originality in concept, uniqueness in presentation, and difference in approach for approving the selection. The chorus of voices from the selected films gives a natural theme to the Festival — about our own lives, beliefs and imaginations.

The array of films being screened at the festival reflects the above. In particular, the documentary Poverty, Inc is not to be missed. This film investigates the multi-billion dollar Western “poverty industry”, and its interventions in the developing world.

As in past Festivals, we have thirteen Awards chosen by a grand jury, and an Audience Award chosen by the filmgoers.

The Free Spirit Film Festival was the first and the original annual film festival in McLeod Ganj. It was launched by Lobsang Wangyal Productions in 2004. The festival is also known as McLeod Ganj International Film Festival.

The Festival is aimed at sharing beautiful stories, concerns, interests, and creativity. The Festival particularly promotes independent filmmakers.

Manifesting true “free spirit”, the Festival has no boundaries, and screens films in all genres from all over the world.

Lobsang Wangyal