Film Summaries – 2022 - Eighteenth Free Spirit Film Festival

Free Spirit Film Festival 2022

25 to 31 October - Online

Here are synopses of the films for the online Free Spirit Film Festival 2022.


Directed by Martin Jesus Kozlowski Denmark 2021 Experimental 29:59m English


What is “,” about? Stomachache? Anxiety? Stress? Medicine? Is it about Corona? Being in Quarantine? Isolation? Or simply the phase of growing up called: to become? What I know, is that the title is inspired by the brief feeling called: Let’s hope this won’t be a “.” but hopefully just a “,” – let’s hope this will just be a bump on the long hard road called life.

The Anniversary

Directed by Jo Dissanayake Sri Lanka 2021 Drama 9:24m Sinhala


A couple sharing their unconditional love on their anniversary with memories to cherish and moments to relive before and after.

Charo's Song

Directed by Nobb Sueyoshi Japan 2022 Feature 01:55:00m Japanese


An encounter between people who do not have a common language -- one who has lost his memory and language, one who sways between social disparities. Focusing on these two people, we draw people who live in various disparities such as occupational discrimination, school caste, and the gap between rich and poor.

The Chinese Dream

Directed by Valentin Tiperciuc China 2022 Documentary 02:05:00m English, Manadarin, Spanish


Lion decides to return to China, leaving everything behind in the Western world, four years after he terribly failed there in most areas of his life, including love. He travels to discover the real China, and even more important, discover himself and find forgiveness for himself.

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Directed by Brian Bowers United States 2022 Experimental 8:56m English


The past can be an unreliable narrator and the future is simply a shifting reflection of where we are right now. Driven by choreographed movement, original music, and sound, "Reverie" is an experimental visual narrative that seeks to question, probe, and explore. An ensemble dance cast guides us through the introspective inner dialogue that an emerging artist is having, with time itself. Is it true, what they say, that life is but a dream?

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Seeking New Paths

Directed by Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen Finland 2020 Documentary 52:00m Finnish


Finnish woman entrepreneur Melina Holmberg leaves her farm and moves with her horses and dogs to Spain to live. The film tells about the many sides of entrepreneurship, the meaning of family, and what is valuable for a human being.

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Those Seven Steps

Directed by Pavitra Verma United States 2022 Drama 16:55m English, Hindi, Panjabi


Wronged by her family and forced into an arranged marriage, a despondent Indian bride carries out a dangerous escape on the eve of her wedding in an attempt to return to her former life in India.

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Vaccine Induced: The story of Shaun Mulldoon

Directed by Robert Bailey Canada 2022 Documentary 28:55m English


The film chronicles Shaun Mulldoon’s journey from trusting Covid vaccines, to a near-death experience resulting a year of surgeries and 6 feet of missing intestine. He is left with a compromised immune system and other lifelong complications.

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Directed by Kranti Pratap Singh India 2022 Drama 17:46m Hindi


Manu, a theatre artist playing the role of Rani Lakshmi Bhai, discovers herself to fight injustice she is facing in life.

The Wealthiest Man in the World

Directed by Josiah Johnson United States 2021 Drama 15:01m English


Dion, a tenant with a hoarding problem, is given an eviction notice by his landlady and former friend. A battle over the past and present ensues, and they strike a compromise — if he agrees to move, then she’ll help him pack. As they work together, they unexpectedly help each other release the demons of their pasts, and look toward the future.