Film Summaries – 2021 - Seventeenth Free Spirit Film Festival

Free Spirit Film Festival 2021

27 to 31 October - Online

Here are synopses of the films for the online Free Spirit Film Festival 2021.


Directed by Maurizio Fiume Italy 2021 Fiction 15:00m Italian


A forty-year-old is walking on a cloudy day. A cloud of red sand imprisons him. He finds himself in a room sitting next to a customer who knows him but is a stranger to him. The customer knows his name, knows where he works, where he lives. He becomes intractable and chases the man away. At home. His children ignore him and his wife looks puzzled. The phone rings, her wife answers and on the other hand her husband warns her that she will be late. She is shocked. Who is that man sitting in the living room?

Le Berceaulm

Directed by Bernard Assako France 2021 Drama 1:01:00m French


Maud, a young woman in need of motherhood, sinks in lies in front of her friends by claiming that she is pregnant.

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Directed by Krishnan Unni India 2021 Drama 22:00m Malayalam


Kanaran is a timber mill worker. He is called Kunjettan by children and old men alike. He is loved and respected by one and all. He worked hard and struggled a lot to provide good education to his son so that ...


Directed by Haley Jacobsen US 2021 Drama 9:44m English


Next of kin to the recently deceased, Norma, a mother-daughter duo are brought together with the task of cleaning up the last of her belongings. The two women navigate grief, regret, and the future unknown.

Bol Diya Unma

Directed by Kavilas Negi India 2021 Drama 10:54m Hindi


Kamla spots Badri the local village neighbour going back to the city after his vacation is over. Kamla in the pretext to carry back some luggage decided to follow him. On the way to the bus stand Kamla empties her struggles on Badri. Then ...

The Boy and the Mountain

Directed by Santiago Aguilera and Gabriel Monreal Chile 2021 Animation 11:23m Spanish


Hernán is a child who likes to daydream, but in his studies he is not doing well at all. His father constantly urges him to improve, advising him that he must reach very high to succeed in life. Hernán dispenses with his dream, gradually forgetting it to devote himself to his studies. Over time, and already become a successful entrepreneur, Hernán achieves the dream that his father instilled in him, reach high, until one day he will realize that he has not really achieved something he always longed for. Then he will make the crucial decision to fulfill his dream, but fate will play tricks on him. Hernán will have to face a new challenge that will change the meaning of his life.

Le Casting

Directed by Bernard Assako France 2021 Comedy 03:00m French


A phone chat between two actors.


Directed by Zensatva Canada 2021 Drama 19:46m Tibetan


A young kid gets into trouble but frees himself out of it with his wit. This incident makes him realize that all beings are bestowed with innate good character. When in a desperate situation, take it as an opportunity to grow. Exchange your position with others, we are all mutually interconnected. Empathy leads to compassion and ultimately brings us closer to our true nature.

Forbidden Love

Directed by JB Brown US 2021 Drama 01:40:34 English


Dennis Todd (JB Brown) appeared to be the perfect husband, father, and family man, until a deep dark secret is revealed. When a man chooses lust over love, the love for his family is lost! His wife Nikkei (Nasha Shandri) is devastated. A cheating husband's mischief leads to murder, mystery, and mayhem. His odious connection to his son's (Christopher Ammanuel) girlfriend (Javia Belton) uncovers the biggest shock of their lives!

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From Source

Directed by Yann rausis Switzerland 2021 Experimental 15:00m Engish/French


A skier wanders alone by a glacier on a bright full-moon night and steps into the abyss of a glacier cave. His longing for spiritual liberation guided him there, as far as possible from everything he knows. Diving in the depths of the unknown, he experiences a mystical connection with his higher self through his freeride skiing visions. The next day feels like seeing the world with different eyes as he comes back to civilization with a fresh and rejuvenated spirit, dreaming about dancing freely on the spring mountain playground.

The Governor

Directed by Jaffer Mohammed Al-Akrawi Bahrain 2021 Experimental 16:04m (silent)


Non-talking silent film: A person is placed in a room with a television to subjugate him to do something irrational and orders come through the television while the room is under surveillance. (Lie then repeat, and repeat until they obey) Note: The Governor means television and Television means propaganda that seeks to subjugate people for the benefit of someone.

The Grand Scheme

Directed by Matt Mirams Australia 2021 Comedy/Drama/Romance 16:27m English/French


The Grand Scheme travels through the five stages of life, each told through a different film genre. From infancy to twilight and the years in between, there's moments and characters that make it funny, poignant, and memorable. Everyone's life is unique and there won't be a sequel.

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Directed by Raki Ralko UK 2021 Drama 4:15m English


When a veteran considers suicide, a caring stranger might be the only thing that can save him.

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No Man's Law

Directed by Richard Douglas Jensen US 2021 Adventure/Spirituality 01:05:25m English


An ex-Border Patrol agent is suicidal because he did the wrong thing and an entire family died. He obeyed orders and failed to rescue a migrant family who were drowning in the Rio Grande River. His soul is damned, he has no future. A mystical fortune teller predicts he will have one chance to escape the darkness. A chance encounter with a lost migrant girl brings his last hope for redemption. Helping an undocumented migrant is against federal law. As he drives cross-country to reunite the lost girl with her family, his plan is discovered and a manhunt ensues. To save this child and redeem his soul he'll obey No Man's Law.

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Not Fair

Directed by Cassandra Rudge and Shawn Tan Singapore 2021 Drama 6:55m English


A stunning dark-skinned Singaporean girl dreams of breaking Colourism barriers in the film industry.

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Pédaler pour Grandir

Directed by Bertrand Lemeunier Canada 2021 Documentary 27:51m English/French/Portuguese


Pédaler pour Grandir raconte l'histoire d'amour de Vanessa pour les voyages à vélo. Au fil du temps, les défis deviennent très différents lorsqu'on fait du vélo en famille. Au cours de ses voyages, de 32 à 40 ans, elle aura appris à surmonter ses doutes et à sortir de sa zone de confort.

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The Price of Cheap

Directed by Barry Stevens Canada 2021 Documentary 01:20:00m English/Hindi/Tamil


The Price of Cheap tells the stories of modern slaves in textiles manufacturing supply chains and the brave individuals fighting on the ground against immeasurable odds to help them. We follow a man named Joseph Raj, who runs an organization called TEST (Trust for Education and Social Transformation) in Tamil Nadu, India, as he goes on raids to rescue underage children from unsafe labour-intensive factories. We hear from the survivors he has helped rescue, hear of their horrific experiences, and their desire for education and change. Academics and social justice workers weigh in on why the issue of forced labour persists.

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Rhino Putty

Directed by Semih Lakerta Turkey 2021 Documentary 47:53m Turkish


A family of three generations come together in their summer house. Each member of the family tries to adapt with the changing mental condition of the father of the house. As the passing time reveals tensions rooted in the past, they all realise no effort can bring the old times back.


Directed by Robert Woodman Spain 2021 Fiction 24:00m Spanish


A monk lives in the mountains in peace and harmony. In the past when he was only a martial student, his master banished him for being too arrogant, thus leaving him to his fate. During that hard road he would meet a mysterious and legendary woman, called the 1000-year-old lady, she would reveal to him a fearsome vision of the future and offer him a good-luck charm. Then the monk would begin to feel the threat of that revelation of the past ...

She Moved the Prarie

Directed by Cheyla Clawson and Bret Jones US 2021 Experimental 25:18m English


She Moved the Prairie is a dance film based on the work women did both in the home and on the land in the early 20th century on farms and ranches.


Directed by Marcin Gizycki Poland 2021 Animation 5:26m English/Polish


Waves wash ashore different objects, which gradually become associated with Roman Polański's "Two Men and a Wardrobe".