Announcement – 2021

Hello there,

Experts in India are predicting a third wave of coronavirus (Covid-19) disease hitting the country sometime in September and October. So there’s no scope for organising a film festival at any physical venue here.

We kept postponing acceptance of any films for this year, thinking the pandemic would subside and we could host a normal festival. But now we have decided to host the festival online yet again.

As usual we will hold the Free Spirit Film Festival in the last week of October. So submissions are open now for a second online edition of the festival. Please make sure to provide all the information as required in the application for a better chance of getting selected.

With the festival going online, this smallest film festival in the world will now have global outreach. We will announce the platform we will be using to host the festival when we have made a final decision.

Looking forward to receiving some amazing films like we usually do, and to present an exciting festival yet again.

Submit your film at Festhome

Please follow coronavirus-appropriate behaviours, maintain physical distance, wear mask, wash your hands often, get your vaccinations, to protect yourself and others.

Sincerely yours,
Lobsang Wangyal
Festival Director