Mahasamparka (The Grand Connection)

Ramesh, a rag picker, leads a life devoid of purpose until one day he finds an old television set. The TV comes on by itself and a girl, Lakshmi, is peering through it at Ramesh. Their TVs are actually windows into each other’s space and time.

A new life begins for both of them. Ramesh begins to sense a new purpose in living. He begins to dress better and thinks of doing something else other than rag picking. His emotional life too begins to blossom with a new-found love for Lakshmi.

Ramesh and Lakshmi realize that they exist simultaneously in two different time frames: Lakshmi is in 1984 and Ramesh in 2015. Curious to know how she’s doing in 2015, Lakshmi sends Ramesh to find out.