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“Plundering Tibet” won the best film award at Dharamshala Free Spirit Film Fest

By Harold Mandel

ON THE WEB, 31 October 2014

The dismal situation of Tibet has gained attention at the Dharamshala Free Spirit Film Festival 2014. The Hill Post reported on 30 October 2014 that Plundering Tibet was chosen for the best film award at this annual event. Plundering Tibet took the lead over 30 films which were entered in the festival.

The Tibet/Canada documentary film Plundering Tibet was chosen as the best documentary film at the award ceremony in Dharamshala, India. This India premiere of this film by Michael Buckley was shown at the opening of the festival. This movie shares a personal view on mining by China in Tibet. The dire consequences of China’s ruthless mining in Tibet are vividly portrayed in the film.

Plundering Tibet raises an important question about how much stress an ecosystem can take before it finally collapses. This short documentary shows the horrible results of China’s mining in Tibet. The narrator is a Canadian filmmaker who shares a personal take on this problem because of the involvement of Canadian companies in the mining which is going on in Tibet and the railway to Lhasa.

After the train first arrived in Tibet in 2006 large-scale mining of gold, copper, lead, lithium, crude oil, natural gas and other resources began in order to feed the appetite of China’s voracious industrial sector. Tibetans have aggressively protested the defilement of sacred mountains in Tibet by Chinese mining operations. The mining is not seen by Tibetans as being beneficial to them.

In fact the mining pollutes their drinking water, kills their livestock, and harms the grasslands where Tibetan nomads roam. Plundering Tibet shares with us the enormous scope of the disaster which is unfolding in Tibet from this mining by China which is being done with a careless disregard for the tragic environmental consequences of this mining.

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